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On the Road Again

Technical Support Chemist, Maria Ofitserova

Maria Ofitserova, Senior Research Chemist

Kevin McKeown, Sales Manager

Kevin McKeown, Sales Manager,

Rudy Suez, Customer Service Manager

Rudy Suez, Customer Service Manager

David Mazawa, Technical Support Chemist

David Mazawa, Technical Support Chemist


Pickering Labs was extremely excited to start hitting the trade-show circuit again, after an enduring a LONG absence since Pittcon 2020. Our Customer Service Manager, Rudy Suez, and Technical Support Chemist, David Mazawa, attended the NEMC Conference in Bellevue, WA in early August. Our Senior Research Chemist, Maria Ofitserova, and Sales Manager, Kevin McKeown, attended the AOAC annual show in Boston in late August. It was a joy to see our customers face-to-face (mask-to-mask?!) again and do a reintroduction of our Onyx PCX instrument. Upcoming shows where you can see Pickering Labs include ACIL in Long Beach, CA in early October and AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) in Raleigh, NC in mid-November. 

Kevin McKeown
Sales Manager
Pickering Laboratories, Inc.
1280 Space Park Way
Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
Phone: (302) 229-5928

Pittcon 2015

Pittcon photoNew Orleans, 2015 Pittcon Exhibition –  919 exhibitors, 1,690 booths and an estimated 18,000 attendees. Pickering laboratories exhibited to share the latest products and technologies with customers, distributors and partners. There was a lot of attention to this year’s big introduction, the DEXTech Sample Clean-up system for PCBs and Dioxin. Designed to be faster, cleaner and better automated than industry standard processes the DEXTech provides Dioxin and PCB sample Clean-up at significantly lower price per run while also being faster and safer.

The Freestyle automated sample clean-up workstation highlighted the ThermElute system for Aflatoxin sample-Clean up that has a direct connection to the HPLC. Not only are the innovative Aflatoxin immunoaffinity SMART columns economical but they are incredibly fast. Now you can automate the sample clean-up and include the analysis in one setup.

One of the growth areas in the Pittcon show was the growing focus on Food Safety. Pickering laboratories continue to develop applications that focus on food safety and authentication with new methods introduced at Pittcon:

The surprise to many long time Pickering Labs customers is the introduction of the Product Test Solution line of artificial perspiration, saliva and urine. The long history with Post-Column derivatization products continues with the additional product expansion into sample clean-up products and now the products for the Product Testing laboratory market. These products build on our expertise in Amino Acid Analysis and chromatographic grade reagent manufacturing capability. Each product is manufactured in precise compliance with product testing protocols from NIST, ATSM, AATCC and numerous other standards organizations. The reliability and reproducibility of all Pickering Laboratories products is now available to the Product Testing laboratory market.

Update on Pickering Activities

Since October, we’ve traveled across North America and to China to bring awareness to some of our new markets and products, as well as created some new application notes and posters:

Las Vegas, NV
Supplyside West and AHPA’s Botanical Congress

The SupplySide West meeting and Expo is held in Las Vegas every year. This year it was held at Manadalay Bay Resort & Casino from October 6-10. Laszlo, Saji and I were on hand to present our systems and applications for the Natural Products industry.  Our  applications on Amino Acids, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Mycotoxins, and Glyphosate, among other are applicable to this market.

On the Friday following the show, the American Herbal Products Association held their 2nd Annual Botanical Congress. This was a very exciting and interesting meeting all about Natural Products. For the meeting, we presented our posters:

Amino Acid Analysis in Supplements and Sports Drinks
Analysis of Theanine in Tea (an amino acid)
Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin A in Herbs and Spices

Galveston, TX
Gulf Coast Conference

The annual meeting of the Gulf Coast Conference was held for the final year in Galveston, Texas (it moves to Houston in 2015). Taken from their website, “The Gulf Coast Conference is an organization oriented toward the education and advancement of galvestonknowledge of Chemical Analysis Technology associated with the Petrochemical, Refining, and Environmental fields, and will forward this goal through annual technical meetings, regular communications, and training courses focused on these fields.”  I went down to Texas to check out the meeting and to determine whether it may be a good fit for our GPC cleanup systems for use in the Environmental testing field.

Vancouver, BC
SETAC Annual Meeting

The Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry held their annual meeting in dextechVancouver, British Columbia in November. Saji and I were there to present our new Dioxin cleanup system, the DEXTech to the environmental chemistry group. The new DEXTech can cleanup of samples for the analysis of dioxins and PCBs — and do so quickly and efficiently.

Check out the brochure HEREvancouver

Our Canadian distributors, Chromatographic Specialties, were also on hand and were a big help to the success of the meeting.

Hangzhou, China
Ameritech’s Marketing Communications and Customer Appreciation Meeting.

Held on November 20, 2014. Mike and I traveled to Hangzhou, China for the meeting.  You can read more about it in Mike’s report here