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4-Hydroxy -3-methoxybenzaldehyde Chromatographic Grade™ for Postcolumn Analysis of Polyether Antibiotics

Reagent formulation with Vanillin, Methanol and Sulfuric Acid allows specific post-column analysis of polyether antibiotics, such as Monensin, Narasin and Salinomycin. This reagent can also be used for the post-column derivatization of Sulfa Drugs. Polyether antibiotics are monitored at 520 nm and Sulfa Drugs at 400 nm.

Chromatographic Grade™ Vanillin meets the exacting purity requirements for a post-column chemical, ensuring that detection at 520 nm will be free of reagent artifacts. Because it is sensitive to oxygen, Pickering Laboratories Vanillin is sealed under Argon gas. 




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Pricing & Ordering

[zentable type=eluants title=’VANILLIN CATALOG INFORMATION’]3700-2200 1700-2200[/zentable]