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Bottle of Reagents for the Preparation of Native Samples for Amino Acid AnalysisSERAPREP™ & URIPREP™

Chromatographic Grade™ Reagents for the Preparation of Native Samples for Amino Acid Analysis

Preparation of samples such as serum, urine, other physiological fluids, plant extracts, foods and beverages requires control of pH and normality, and removal of soluble protein.

The samples must be held to a narrow pH range between 2.1 and 2.5, and at the proper Lithium ion concentration to ensure reproducibility in the early part of the chromatogram.

SERAPREP™ and URIPREP™ replace commonly used protein precipitation reagents such as Acetonitrile, Perchloric acid, and Picric acid, and eliminate the need for dialysis, ultrafiltration, and the repeated centrifugation steps, followed by pH adjustment.

SERAPREP™ is used for preparing serum and other samples with high buffering capacity, e.g. sardine oil. URIPREP™ is used for urine and other samples with low buffering capacity, such as fruit juices, beer and wines. The efficiency of protein precipitation and need for post-centrifugation pH adjustment of the sample determine which reagent is best for your particular sample.



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Pricing & Ordering

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