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Hypochlorite Diluent

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Bottle of Hypochlorite Diluent GA 116Hypochlorite Diluent GA 116

Chromatographic Grade™ for the Preparation of the Oxidizing Reagent for Post-Column Glyphosate Herbicide Analysis

This diluent is used to prepare the oxidizing reagent required to convert Glyphosate to a primary amine prior to reacting it with OPA. The reagent is prepared by adding 100 μL of 5 % solution of Sodium Hyphochlorite to one 950 mL bottle of Diluent. The pH 11.6 diluent is formulated to ensure pH stability of the mixed stream of column effluent and oxidizing reagent. This diluent could also be used in fluorescence detection of other secondary amines.


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Pricing & Ordering

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