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Analytical Columns & Guards

Images of Columns & GuardsAnalytical Columns & Guards

Guarantees Detection of Certain Classes of Compounds

Pickering Laboratories columns and guards are intended for specific applications that require post-column derivatization. This technology guarantees detection of certain classes of compounds at very low concentrations—amino acids, carbamate pesticides and polyamines, for example.


Cation – Exchange Columns and Guards Catalog Information


GARDTM Column Protection System

The new GARD™ significantly prolongs column life without band spreading or added pressure.  More more-arrow

Lithium Columns

Pickering Laboratories specialize in manufacturing of cation-exchange columns for amino acid analysis.  More more-arrow

Sodium Columns

Ion-exchange chromatography followed by post-column derivatization has been a method of choice for amino acid analysis for many years.  More more-arrow

Glyphosate Herbicide Analysis Columns

Our cation-exchange Glyphosate column is designed and tested for analysis of Glyphosate.  More more-arrow

ALKION Columns™

The stationary phase in the ALKION™ column is a rigid, non-porous polymeric phase that is surface sulfonated.  More more-arrow

Carbamate Pesticides Columns

Our carbamate columns are guaranteed to produce the separation of carbamate residues.  More more-arrow

Mycotox™ Columns

Aflatoxins are naturally occurring toxins belonginh to the class Mycotoxins. 
More more-arrow

Polyether Antibiotics

Polyether antibiotics are best quantified using HPLC with post-column derivatizationMore more-arrow



Quality Criteria

Each column is packed and tested to separate the target compounds according to Pickering’s chromatographic quality control standards and published analytical method. The following acceptance criteria apply to all of Pickering’s columns:

  • With guard column installed, produce a specified chromatogram of the compounds in a standard test mixture.
  • Separate the compounds in the established order, with specified resolution of critical pairs.
  • Operate within the specified range of back pressure.
  • Be free of contaminating material which can cause baseline artifacts.

Only after all criteria have been met can the column’s serial number and label be applied.

Quite simply, the column is guaranteed to produce a chromatogram for its intended application if it is operated according to the conditions and methods prescribed by Pickering Laboratories.

About Guard Columns

While it is true that any of our columns may be run without a guard, the practical consequence is a shorter column lifetime. Pickering sells a variety of appropriate guard columns to protect our analytical columns. Additionally, GARD™ provides protection against contamination for cation-exchange applications without affecting column efficiency and it is far less expensive to replace than an analytical column.

For more information about our GARD column protection system click here >