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Mycotox™ Mycotoxin Analysis Columns

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Mycotox™ Mycotoxin Analysis ColumnsMycotox™ Mycotoxin Analysis Columns

Aflatoxins Analysis

Aflatoxins are naturally occurring toxins belonging to the class Mycotoxins. They are produced by fungi and occur in peanuts, peanut meal, cotton-seed meal, wheat, milk and many other foods and feeds.

The most important feature of the post-column method described below is that all six Aflatoxins are detectable at the same fluorescence emission wavelength in a single isocratic HPLC analysis.


LC Conditions:

Flow Rate: 1.0 mL/min, column temperature 42 °C, injection volume 10 μL
Mobile Phase: Methanol/acetonitrile/water:
(22:22:56), isocratic
Mobile Phase: 10 μL in Methanol
5 ng B1 & G
1.5 ng B2 & G2
1.25 ng M1 & M2

Post-Column Conditions:

Reagent: I2 100 mg/L in water
Reactor: 90 °C, 1.4 mL
Reagent Flow Rate: 0.4 mL/min


Fluorometer: λex 365 nm, λem 430 nm


For more information see Method Abstract
MA 215, MA 208, MA 203.1 and MA 218.

Mycotoxin: with and without derivatization








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Pricing & Ordering

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