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Flow Restrictors

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A Pickering Labs flow restrictor Flow Restrictors

Pickering restrictors provide a desired back-pressure relative to a given flow rate and viscosity. The pulse dampener along with the flow restrictor provide back pressure needed for a smooth reagent delivery and baseline.




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  • Pressure-calibrated to flow rate and viscosity
  • Improve pump efficiency
  • Essential pulse-dampening component
  • Troubleshooting aid for HPLC systems

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Pricing & Ordering

[zentable type=eluants title=’FLOW RESTRICTORS CATALOG INFORMATION’]1100-0141 1100-0215 1100-0263 1100-0262 1100-0161[/zentable]

NOTE: Listed pressures are for a flow rate of 0.3 mL/min at ambient temperature with 100 % water and pulse-dampened flow.