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First Post July 4th, 2018 —Is it me or does our politics seem a little divided lately? Perhaps I should say polarized and paralyzed politics?

This blog is intended to be a catalyst for discussion among feuding political parties, because we really do seem to be at loggerheads. No one is willing to compromise or even discuss the issues in a calm, level headed way. And I feel the need to do something positive because I have an 11 year old daughter and I'm really worried about the world she will inherit.
To me, it seems that the USA is at a tipping point where we can severely damage our country...our way of life...our standing in the world.

The alias that I am using is Simpleton because I want to make it very clear that I am a novice to politics and policy. And my thoughts on certain subjects are really my way of thinking out load. Sometimes I'll just vent and scream; sometimes, I may actually make sense. Regardless, since I don't really expect anyone but my wife and daughter to read my posts, I feel I can be somewhat fast and free with my thoughts.

Being a novice to politics might be a good thing, though. I believe that many of those in political power make the issues much more difficult than they have to be because it helps them remain in power. By not finding solutions to polarizing issues, they can divide us, generate massive amounts of campaign funding and create an energized base that will do or overlook just about anything to put a D or R in the win column.

The other reason I'm using an alias is I really don't wont a flamin' bag of dog poop left on my doorstep. You know who you are!

So, lets get to it. As you review my posts, you will see that I'm identifying specific topics and trying to make sense of them. I offer my take on potential solutions. They are not really solutions, but more of a way to start off a discussion.

Please feel free to respond to my posts. As the saying goes "misery loves company" so it will be nice to know that others are looking for solutions too. Having said that, though, please note that open, respectful dialogue and debate is encouraged, but trolling, hate speech, direct attacks will not be tolerated. Those that feel the need to be abusive will be blocked.

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