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Glyphosate Sample Clean-up Column

[tabby title=”Overview”]

scu-glyphosateGlyphosate Sample Clean-up Column

Pickering SPE sample clean-up cartridges are used to treat samples prior to injection. The strong cation-exchange resin is composed of sulfonic acid functional groups attached to a styrene divinylbenzene copolymer lattice. The high selectivity and ruggedness provides a simple and universal method for removing matrix interference from the sample. The SPE sample clean-up cartridges are ideal for the cleanup of vegetables, fruits and crop samples in the analysis of Glyphosate and AMPA.

[tabby title=”Recovery Percentages”]

Recoveries for Glyphosate





129 %

116 %


84 %

82 %


97 %

95 %



[tabby title=”Sample Preparation”]



Take 25 g of homogenous sample and add enough water (after estimation of moisture content)
to make the total volume of water 125 mL. Blend and Centrifuge.


Matrix Specific Modification:

High water content – reduce sample amount to 12.5 g

High protein content – add 100 μL HCl to 20 mL of extract, shake and centrifuge.

High Fat content – perform the methylene chloride partition twice.


Methylene Chloride Partition:

To 20 mL of aqueous extract add 15 mL methylene chloride. Shake for 2-3 min and centrifuge.

To 4.5 mL of aqueous layer add 0.5 mL acidic modifier solution. Shake and centrifuge.


SPE Clean-up:

Prepare SPE cartridge (refer to product abstract PA210)

Transfer 1 mL portions of SPE mobile phase (refer to method abstract MA206 for formulation)
and discard the effluent.

 Elute analytes with 12 mL SPE mobile phase



Evaporate to dryness using rotary evaporator or a vacuum vortex-type evaporator or lyophilize

Re-dissolve in 2 mL of the SPE mobile phase

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